Meet us

There is no doubt that the success of any party depends on the people who attend it.

Creating the right ambiance to make the guest at ease and let them have fun, however, is an art you cannot improvise, especially with a theme as delicate as kink. That’s why the Bondage Party Milano team is composed of longtime enthusiasts who, besides being able to answer any question about extreme eroticism, can ensure the safety of every game and situation during the event.

Pleased to meet you!

Davide La Greca

Davide La Greca


One of the longest-standing and most active bondage educator and performer in Italy, founder of the Shibari Dojo bondage schools and author of several books on the subject.

With a thirty-years long scene track record, he guarantees the safety of anything that happens during Bondage Party Milano.

Fun fact: nobody ever managed to pin him as Pinocchio‘s Stromboli. Yet. 



Creative consultant

Italy’s leading expert on kink, author of several books on the topic and a personal coach specialized in unusual sexualities issues.

He has been organizing alternative sexualities events since 2004 and he curates a really unique website.

Fun fact: he notoriously hates the “repetitivity and lack of innovation of rope work”, so he took this party as a personal crusade to broaden everyone’s horizons on bondage.

Anna Soares

Anna Soares

Sound designer

The original kinky music witch, bending sounds to achieve ultimate eroticism.

A complete artist and producer, she created several albums and music videos – and she curates a great YouTube channel for alternative sexualities divulgation.