Basic principles

In the guests’ interest, Bondage Party Milano asks you to follow these simple rules:

Strictly dress code – Each occasion has its proper outfit. Here entry is forbidden to street wear: let’s encourage fantasy, creativity, seduction! Unleash your wish to stupefy… remembering to choose an outfit fit for doing bondage. Use your imagination to help us create a special mood!
A big dressing room is available, and any excessively everyday look will be severely denied entry.

Kink above all – The purpose of this event is to create an opportunity for bondage and kink enthusiasts to meet, but especially to play. Use it to enjoy everything you can’t do at home, using the available spaces, furniture… and the other participants! To chat, relax or have vanilla sex there are many other moments.

Privacy – The use of cameras, smartphones, etc. is absolutely forbidden. Those wishing to take a pictorial souvenir of their visit to Bondage Party Milano can ask for the official photographer assistance, as they will gladly help you take one but only by request, or take advantage of the great photo set.

SSC – Safe, Sane, Consensual – This is the golden rule of kink, allowing you to play any scene reducing needless risks. Just always follow it, and if you have doubts don’t be afraid to ask the organizers, who are at hand to explain every technique.

Respect for all – Living together in harmony isn’t hard: you just need a bit of common sense and respect for everyone. If you however need a detailed guide, here’s one.