Card-carrying members only access

The Italian law is clear: the only possible way to ensure the privacy and freedom of expression of the participants to an adult event is to hold it at a venue owned by a private association. Doing otherwise could be construed as gross indecency, not to mention it would make impossible to keep meddlers and undesirables out.
For these reasons Bondage Party Milano is held in a private club affiliated to the ARCO circuit, which is exclusively booked for the occasion.

You can gain access with any “all clubs” card from this circuit, even if you got it from other clubs. The venue is managed by Associazione Mondovì, which can issue ARCO cards that, according to current laws, are valid for 12 months and have a one-time cost of 30 euros. To become a card-carrying member you must be of legal age and show a valid ID. Again, law forbids to issue the card on the same day it is requested, so we recommend to request it early using this online module.